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Landing Page Health

Receive Alerts for Landing Page Failures

Morphio’s AI alerts you instantly if your landing pages go down or server errors are detected.

Marketing Anomalies & AI

Get alerts for bad (and good) data spikes.

Morphio’s AI detects marketing and analytics anomalies faster and deeper than humanly possible. When a significant difference is detected, Morphio notifies you - without the need of digging into each platform.

Audience Anomalies

Find out which customer segments are most — or least — profitable.

Morphio’s AI identifies high and low converting audience segments based on conversion rate. These deep insights are ideal for monthly planning meetings and strategic quarterly reviews. Benchmark your target audience performance and identify new segments for experiments.

Dashboard components for website anomalies

Website Anomalies

Dissect your Competitors' SEO Strategies

Dashboard components for website anomalies

Morphio's AI monitors your top 10 competitors on a weekly basis across 50 keywords. SEO Anomaly alerts are based on SERP variance and include automated snapshots of competitor metadata and on-page changes.

Dashboard components for financial anomalies & forecasting

Financial Anomalies & Forecasting

Optimize your advertising budget across platforms

Dashboard components for financial anomalies & forecasting

Get recommendations to better spend your advertising dollars and reduce wasteful media spend. Morphio's AI predicts conversions, cost per lead, cost per acquisition plus other financial KPIs across your active advertising channels.

Dashboard components for live data

Live Data & Reporting

Say goodbye to manual data analysis with AI.

Dashboard components for live data

Start collecting real-time data that you can use to optimize budget and spending today, not tomorrow. Our AI-driven automated data visualization also creates easy-to-read reports based on the metrics that matter most.

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