About Morphio

Our mission is to create imaginative software that allows digital marketing properties to predictively and autonomously morph for the desired ROI.


In the early days of building one of the fastest growing marketing and technology companies in North America, our founders knew there would come a time that there would not be enough skilled people to fill all of the new marketing positions.

With approximately 230,000 open marketing positions in the U.S. and not enough time to execute on the growing tactics, teams would spend their days gathering and preparing data sets –—and that demand is increasing. Machine learning may be the only solution to help marketers and companies scale up.

Our founders partnered with Dr. Nima Mirbakhsh in 2015 — at a time when machine learning was at its infancy — and that’s when Morphio’s algorithm was conceived.

Our Goal

With proprietary technology, Morphio’s algorithm increases profitability for our customers while delivering lower acquisition costs for brands long-term.

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Our Team

Eric Vardon Portrait

Eric Vardon

CEO, Co-Founder

Eric is a Tech Entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive, and Advisor with more than 20 years of success in the marketing, advertising, consumer-based cannabis, health and wellness, fitness, luxury, fashion, beauty, technology, and digital industries. Leveraging extensive experience in business development and start-ups, Eric’s broad areas of expertise include brand development, digital strategy, communications, entrepreneurship, leadership, and growth.

John D'Orsay Portrait

John D'Orsay

Chief Revenue Officer, Co-Founder

John brings with him over 20 years of dynamic programming and web development leadership experience. He has planned and developed large corporate management applications including custom content management systems, commerce, and database applications. John is extremely versatile in building customized solutions that effectively deliver results for our dynamic and ever-changing clientele.

Nima Mirbakhsh Portrait

Nima Mirbakhsh

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Nima Mirbakhsh leads the Morphio product and is a computer scientist who specializes in research on data mining and machine learning. Nima received his PhD in Computer Science from Western University in 2015 and has published multiple referred papers in international journals and conferences since 2009. He was awarded the TalentEdge Fellowship Program (TFP) in 2015 and NSERC Engage Grant in 2014.

Bryan Taylor Portrait

Bryan Taylor


Tony Crncich Portrait

Tony Crncich


Vincent Zerdzicki Portrait

Vincent Zerdzicki

Director of UI/UX

Max Dubinovsky Portrait

Max Dubinovsky

Lead Developer

Brett Chabot Portrait

Brett Chabot

Lead Data Analyst

Lauren Nicholson Portrait

Lauren Nicholson

Intermediate Developer

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